eg. Can you get STD from giving your partner a BJ?

Are white spots on tonsils that look like strep a sign on hiv or any std.

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I had unprotected sex two weeks ago and again a week ago from today plus that time oral. He did not finish in me any time. All week my throat felt funny and my back ached really bad. My throat felt kinda scratchy and like something was stick in it and I keep having to clear it. It still does and now there are white spots on my tonsils. My back has also ached all week the upper part on each should blade. Now today my head feels achy and sinusy.

I am a heavy daily drinker. I haven’t drank today so that may be part of it. I also have eaten much or slept much and am under terrible stress.

I am wondering if this sounds like an std or if it sounds more like I’m just getting sick. No center is open now and reading online is scaring me I have hiv or something. My throat doesn’t hurt, it just feels like something stuck in it and has the white spots like when you have strep or tonsillitis.



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