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Can I get herpes if the guy had a blister and I missed it?

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I’m a 25 year old male on Monday Apr 29 I received oral for like 30 seconds. Then we kissed and noticed they had a blister I had not notice that they had a blister on there lower lip before the person gave me oral. I confronted the person and said that it was not contagious. I was so depressed how could I have missed that. Fast forward a day after I started feeling sick and having skin sensitivity around my body mostly around my thighs. No sore throat or inflamed lymph nodes. I also noticed that I had developed paper cut like opening in between my thigh and my scrotum on the right side, they are not itchy just a bit painful, and were bleeding a little look like small slit openings from top to the bottom. This is the second day and my skin sensitivity decreased but the paper cut opening are still there. My question is could those be symptoms of herpes in my groin area? would that be considered HPV 1? I also haven’t had any symptoms in my oral area. Does this mean it could be herpes 2? Please help even an opinion would suffice.



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