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Do I have herpes?

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Hello, I’m nervous that I May have herpes. I had unprotected sex with someone about 2 months ago one time. About five days ago, I noticed pimples around my anus. They do not hurt and have not increased in size or broke open. Since then, I have not had much itching in my genital area, but a strange pressure like feeling. I am extremely anxious over this situation every day, I am wondering if my mind can be creating symptoms. I also developed lower back pain yesterday, but I do have scoliosis and get back pain here and there. (Haven’t had back pain in a few months)



January 21st, 2023 at 10:26 pm

Anal herpes is a viral infection that affects the anus. It can cause symptoms such as red or white blisters filled with pus around the anus, which can be painful, itchy, and may change bowel habits. These blisters may rupture and form scabs while healing. The symptoms of anal herpes typically develop in stages, starting with a tingling or itching sensation in the affected area, followed by the formation of blisters, the opening of the blisters into sores, and the eventual healing of the sores into scabs. The first outbreak of anal herpes is usually the most severe, but subsequent outbreaks may be less severe.

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