eg. Can you get STD from giving your partner a BJ?

Fever, sore throat and high temperature on 4th day after unprotected sex. What is it? I’m scared.

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I am experiencing high temperature, pain in lower back, pain & slight burning sensation in eyes, sore throat and slight cough on the 4th day after unprotected sex. I had sex with same girl in 1st week of Nov 2016 and the unprotected sex date was 5-Feb-2017. These fever & sore throat symptoms started showing on 9th feb 2017. I am scared.. What is it that I have contracted?
Her vagina also gave a slight smell and was sour.. And I haven’t had sex with any other girl, just this one girl. But I’m not sure if I’m her only sex partner.. Someone Please advise, really tensed!!



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