eg. How do you approach an STD test with a new partner?

How do you get a STD if your already pregnant and keep haveing sex?

Asked by on November 30, 2013

I just dont understand. Idk if im pregnant but my bf wants to try. I dont wanna tell him I could be pregnant. What would cause the STD the pregnancy? I know my bf has nothing. But pregnant people have sex all the time. Can someone please explain this to me please im lost 😐





June 30, 2011 at 1:54 pm

I am so sorry this has occurred, apparently from what I can determine you think you have an STD and you are pregnant and figure that it was due to sex in pregnancy.

Either that or you consider pregnancy an STD....

Lets go with #1 and then #2 scenario.

#1 you are pregnant and only get jiggy with boyfriend and think you have an STD. If you are sure you only have sex with BF...then I think we are getting a lead on where the STD came from. My Advice is to let your doctor know that you may have an STD while pregnant. Additoinally if you know you haven't been knocking uglies with another guy then you may want to reassess the boyfriend.

#2 You seem to see the pregnancy as an STD? In this case you need to call your OBgyn and ask him to apply for a "beneficial sterilization" grant.



June 28, 2011 at 11:39 am

Your wording is kind of confusing, but I hope my answer is what you’re asking.

STDs aren’t transmitted through pregnancy, it is transferred through bodily fluids (in the case of STDs semen and vaginal fluids). The virus or bacteria is absorbed through the mucus membrane of the vagina or urethra of the penis, thus causing the infection.

If you are pregnant you can still get an STD through unprotected sex.

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