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I have a wart on my finger

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i recently had unprotected sex with my current bf. i became really itchy the next day but i believe that was because of irritation but thought it was a yeast infection and used monistat. my itching has stopped three days later. i noticed a bump by my vagina. i was scared i caught something from him. i researched more and more and there is a hair growing out of it so i think it is just a pimple caused by shaving which i have been doing quite often. today i found a bump on one of my fingers that looks like a wart. i have no idea why i would have any bump there. i am terrified that i may have something. i don’t really have any other symptoms but this wart on my finger. (not 100% sure if it’s a wart) i am going to see a doctor in a few days. should i think the worst ?



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