eg. How do you approach an STD test with a new partner?

I’m wondering if I should get tested or wait another week or two.

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I had unprotected sex twice with a female I know sleeps with other guys. About 2-3 weeks after I slept with her I noticed these small what looked like flea bites between my inner thigh and testicle area, only on the left side. Maybe about 5-10 of them. I say flea bites because my house was infested with fleas for the last month and I had bites all over me during that time. The “bites” were itchy and I put medicated baby powder on it which helped a lot, then the bites went away and now it’s basically like chafing or a rash. It’s very painful and itchy and the baby powder doesn’t work any more, it just seems to dry it out. I’m wondering if I didn’t have flea bites, I had herpes or something similar. I don’t feel any flu like symptoms or anything other than this rash driving me nuts also why would it just be in that one loacation when we touched each other literally everywhere… also is there any other way I can treat it to make it heal faster… I would like to blame this on fleas and say they got in there while I was asleep and because of all the medication I applied to them that it dried out and turned into a rash. Help please.



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