eg. What are ways to avoid getting all types of STD?

Is it possible for an STD to remain dormant in your body?

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Someone I know wants to have sex with me, but they’re concern is that I have STD’s. I offered to get tested, but they said that thats not good enough because it’s possible for the disease or virus to become “dormant” and not show up on a test.

I believe that this is nonsense. I’ve always been told that the ONLY way to be sure you are infected is if you get tested.

Am I right or wrong? If possible, please cite your sources. Thanks.



May 9th, 2019 at 10:34 am

Yes. STD's can be asymptomatic (no symptoms) and lay dormant for days, weeks, months.
Lab testing will give the "final answer" as to what you have and give you a better idea if there is anything running around in your body and need to worry about telling anyone before having sex.

If you've ever caught anything before: Your body has created antibodies at some point and specific tests can determine what you had. (antibody tests)

Also Everyone is different in how their body reacts to bacterial and viral STD's.
For Example:
Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 is can lay dormant until activated. The most commonly identified antagonist is stress.
HIV doesn't lay dormant per se... it's asymptomatic.

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