eg. How do you approach an STD test with a new partner?

Is it wrong to insist on having STD test on every boyfriend I have?

Asked by on October 1, 2013

Is it wrong just to be sure? I mean I just wanna have that peace in my mind. I had lost one of the closest people in my life to an STD and ever since then I’m super cautious about it. I’m old fashioned I still live by the rule no sex until marriage but do guys get upset if a girl asks them to get tested? And she’s willing to get tested too?





September 2, 2013 at 2:39 am

Ask EVERY guy you may have sex with to get tested. How about this straight from the mouth of a doctor. "There is no way of telling if a male has HPV he is just the carrier" It will not show up in a std test unless the HPV he has is a strain that gives genital warts. urine tests are cheap for the company and are garbage. Not all blood tests show anything. Some of those are garbage as well. mouth swabs?? really? We aren't checking for drugs. Culture tests are the best!!! and of course the most expensive because they are accurate! Had i known i wouldn't have caught herpes and hpv. Blood and urine test came back negative for the guy. I had sex with him...finally without a condom because we were to be together. After i had sex with him i got tested AGAIN. Everything came back negative. I felt peace of mind. ONLY to find out after i felt awful stinging after i would urinate a month later. I checked down there in the mirror to see 3 herpes sores. I was devastated. I wanted to die. I cried for a whole month straight and loss 10lbs. It's not worth it!!! I don't care how much attitude they give you. How much in the moment you are. You STOP and think that this is with you forever!!! It will never go away. I feel like an outcast. Im very beautiful and every time a guy looks at me i say to myself....if he only knew. I will never date again and if i do it will have to be on a herpes dating website. I am too ashamed of myself to even do that. And yes i admit. I was one that used to make herpes joke. You live by a good rule. I did so myself. I waited until i was 24 to have sex for the first time. And caught two std's at the same time. Don't let it happen to you!

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