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I’ve been cured for Gonorrhea but i think the symptoms are coming back.. what to do?

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Hi i’m a 20 year old guy from Italy. On the 10th of January for the first time in my life i had sex with a guy. and stupid as i was it was unprotected, i was top, it didnt last long and i came inside. well i’m so unlucky that a 5 days after the intercourse i started having some yellow-white discharge from my penis, and some pain while peeing and i did my reserches to find out i had Gonorrhea. i went to the dermathologist and he prescribed some antibiotics called in italy Bactrim and after a 5 days treatment everything seemed to be good.
Since i was so nervous about a possibile HIV infection i went to see the guy to try and be reassured that everything was allright (he is 25 and has had way more experience) and he said it was. we kissed a little and that was it.
now it has been 4 days since i saw the guy again and i think my symptoms are coming back. i woke up today with a yellow discharge from my penis..

my questions are
1) is it possibile that i contrieved Gonorrhea again with that guy when i saw him the second time only by kissing and so that the bacteria didnt stay in my mouth/throat but went itself down to my penis? (the guy also said to me after i found out the first time i had gonorrhea that he was gonna get cured and he said he got cured… but i dont know there’s something about him that i do not completely trust)

2) if it’s just possibile that the treatment actually didnt work and it doesnt matter that i kissed him because it was still inside me ?

3) if i can just do another round of antibiotics that the doctor prescribed me ?

4) if the fact that symptomps are coming back could have anything with the possibility that i contrieved HIV



February 5th, 2018 at 9:42 pm

Gonorrhea and other STDs are generally not transmitted via kissing. Therefore, what is most likely is that gonorrhea is still in your system and that the strain you have is resistant to the course of antibiotics you were prescribed. You will need to visit a doctor to get a new course of antibiotics; you should not take the same antibiotics you were taking before, as they are clearly ineffective.

Gonorrhea and other STDs can cause inflammation and increase the risk of HIV transmission. The fact that you are still experiencing symptoms, however, is not an indication that you have HIV. The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested. You’ve made it clear you do not trust your sexual partner, so you should get tested for all STDs to know your status.

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