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STD or HIV risk from breast milk touching

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hello all
I’m worried about my hiv or std risk from my last exposure.
im in monogamous relationship for 2 years with girl ,she is std free,but i had stupid exposure with low class prostitue,
we did not have any vaginal ,oral or anal sex,i just touched her breasts but she was lactating!
i heard that breast milk can transsmit hiv ,so im really worried..
at that moment when i played with her breasts i had peeling skin on my finger with tiny red dot from peeling,no bleeding at all,and no cut from knife or etc..
i touched her with lef hand only and masturbated myself with right hand..
after 10 days of exposure i suddenly noticed on penis base shaft small tiny scab,but i dont konw how scab appeared because i just masturbated my self without touching her with that hand.
so my questions is:
am i in any risk from my exposure with prostitue for hiv ( possibly touched her breast milk with non bleeding finger peeling skin?)
is my scab on penis related maybe with syphilis or herpes? from my masturbationg with dirty hands.
can syphilis chancre appear and disappear in 10 days max?
thanks all for possibly reply ,im Really worried …:(



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