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STD Symptoms – Negative Test. Please help!

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About 5 weeks ago, I had contact with a SW. Protected vaginal + oral, and hand job w/o condom. After realizing what I had done, I had anxiety/panic/stress. Caused burning pain in upper abdomen and diarrhea for a few days. Stools loose for almost a week after. Now appears solid, but falls apart in toilet (almost disintegrates). Had some symptoms presumably from the act, so took 1 dose of suprax/zpack (4 days after act). Next day, noticed white tongue (not sure if thrush). GI put me on nystatin. Didn’t work. Tried using herbal remedies, got better. Weaned off and white tongue came back. Notcing tiny flesh like bumps on upper lip maybe 5 not near each other. Was just given difulcan will see what that does. Tested at 3 days after act and 14 days after act all negative. Full blood work at 27 days (including hiv) all good. Just did another full std test today (day 34 and awaiting results). I have been getting random red spots on hands that are itchy, skin feels super dry, and tip of penis feels uncomfortable (not really hurting or maybe slight stinging) especially when I haven’t peed for a while. What could all of this be (random rashing, white tongue, flesh like bumps on upper lip, burning tip)? I’m trying to move past this, but symptoms keep popping up. Also, should I be planning for another set of tests assuming day 34 comes back negative? Please help!



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