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STD test question, please help?

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If you go to Planned Parenthood, or any other clinic and ask for an STD test, do they test for the most common STD’s (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HPV, HIV, Herpes, ect.) or any upon request?



July 8th, 2016 at 4:17 pm

The only approved HPV test is for screening the cervix. The HPV tests are approved for women 30 and older. The HPV test might be done as co-testing with your Pap test that was positive for abnormal cell changes. Co-testing for HPV may not always be done when your Pap shows abnormal cell changes. You would need to ask the clinic or your doctor if HPV co-testing followed an abnormal Pap test. The virus is common. Most abnormal cell changes of the cervix are due to HPV. The approved HPV test confirms that the cell changes are due to high risk HPV types. The HPV test does not screen for low risk HPV types that can cause mild cell changes of the cervix. The first Pap test is now recommended at age 21.

Yes, Planned Parenthood and many clinics can screen for STD. When going for your screening ask for a copy of what STD you were screened against. Also it is important to know more about the time frame of the virus you are being screened for.

HPV is not included in any STI test. The only way genital warts can be diagnosed is when a doctor sees genital warts. Many men and women have the virus with no signs.
A Pap test does not detect HPV itself.
Screening tests can find early problems before you get sick. The Pap test is a screening test for cervical cancer. It looks for abnormal cells on your cervix that could turn into cancer over time. That way, problems can be found and treated before they ever turn into cancer. An HPV test may also be used with the Pap test for women 30 years or older, as part of routine screening.
Getting regular cervical cancer screening is key to preventing this disease.
Most people never even know they have HPV, or that they are passing it to their partner. So it may not be possible to know who gave you HPV or when you got it. HPV is so common that most people get it soon after they start having sex. And it may only be found years later.
All women who ever had sex are at risk for HPV and cervical cancer.

Why is the HPV test NOT recommended as part of regular screening for younger women and teens?
HPV is very common in women under age 30. But it is not useful to test women under age 30 for HPV, since most HPV that is found in these women will never cause them health problems. Most young women will fight off HPV within a few years.

April 19th, 2018 at 3:59pm

Usually chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphillis, HPV (if warts are seen by the doctor and tested for with a pap smear) are usually what is tested for in an std test. Herpes is probably the only std that they won’t test for, unless you have any signs or symptoms of it the blood test for herpes can be unreliable if you get tested too early after you were exposed. I’m not sure if they test for HIV, you may have to go to a different clinic to have an HIV test done.
You can always phone them up and ask which stds they test for.

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