eg. How do you approach an STD test with a new partner?

What are the chances of catching an STD if I have sex with a girl on her period, counted I used protection?

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I had sex with a girl I barely know and she didn’t mention she was on her period, so when I pulled out, blood was just all over my penis. I did wash up with soap and water. But what are the chances of catching an STD from this? It’s too early to notice any symptoms, and I might be over reacting.
But she tends to have other sexual partners, and the blood did freak me out. So can someone answer my question?



July 11th, 2015 at 10:39 pm

None really, but that is if you used a condom. Understand that STD's pass not only from the sexual parts but from other things such as kissing on the mouth with a feisty little tongue darting in and out. The biggest transference of STD's is herpes. Herpes Simplex 10 is the most common of herpes and that is spread by an affected person with a flair up of herpes from inside their mouth (also known as a cold sore). When you kiss them, depending if the sore is on the inside or outside of the person's mouth, you can catch your own forever set of herpes that will stay with you until you are dead, but the nice thing is is that if your are infected, you can pass it a long to someone else!

August 8th, 2015 at 3:59pm

Does she have an STD?
Chances of catching an STD are not in the blood here, so calm down. There is not a higher risk because she was on her period.

July 20th, 2020 at 5:23pm

Samantha is wrong. HIV is most concentrated in blood, including menstrual blood, so a man having unprotected sex with a woman on her period would be at a higher risk of contracting the virus. Vaginal sex while the woman is menstruating is actually one of the risk factors researchers have identified for female-to-male HIV transmission.

I’m not saying you have HIV or even that you’re at risk, just wanted to correct that misinformation.

You said you used protection, as in a condom? In this case, there’s nothing to worry about. The condom acts as a barrier between your penis and her vaginal fluids/blood. As long as you removed the condom carefully, checked that it had no tears and you didn’t allow her fluids to come in contact with your penis, you’re at zero risk of catching any STDs.

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