eg. How do you approach an STD test with a new partner?

What are the STD tests I need to undergo generally to make sure that I am clean ?

Asked by on December 12, 2013

In the past I have several sexual relations with prostitutes. I would like to go for an STD test because I am planning to get married soon. Right now I don’t have any visible symptoms except an ignorable itching at the tip of my penis. Can someone guide me what kind of tests I need to undergo? This is to make sure that my partner doesn’t get any STDs because of me.
Thanks Jessica, for your detailed answer, Do you think my penis itching, I should take it seriously? Can it be an indication of any serious STD? I went to clinic doctor told me it is only inflamation, he given ointment..but doesn’t go way completely.





May 21, 2006 at 6:45 pm

You should be tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, NGU, herpes and a doc should do a physical exam looking for any abnormalities.

The gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU tests are urine tests, so make sure not to pee for at least an hour prior to testing. The rest are blood tests. You have to specifically ask for a herpes test, so make sure that's being done.

Also, don't test if you are or have been on antibiotics within 3 weeks of testing. That can skew the results and give you false negatives.

You can go to your doc for all these, or to a local STD clinic (call your local health dept) or a Planned Parenthood.

If your partner is also being tested, she should have a pap test done, an HPV test (if she is over 30), and a test for bacterial vaginosis and yeast. Those aren't necessarily sexually transmitted, but its good to test anyway.

Congrats on the wedding!

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